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Renee is best known for her portrayals of Evangeline Williamson on One Life to Live (ABC Daytime) from 2003-2007 and Mimi Marquez from RENT (Broadway) in 2008.

She currently portrays ASA Geneva Pine on The Good Wife (CBS) and has also been seen as lawyer Olivia Warren on The Following (Fox) and a nosy neighbor on Save Me with Anne Heche.

  • Every Secret Thing as Cynthia Barnes (In post-production)

  • The Good Wife as ASA Geneva Pine
    – We, the Juries (12 Jan. 2014)
    – The Next Week (10 Nov. 2013)

  • Law & Order: SVU as Martha Marron
    – Psycho/Therapist (8 Jan. 2014)

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Renee E. Goldsberry

Save Me pilot with Anne Heche.

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